OBJECTIVES: To air Max Switzerland demonstrate that low-molecular-weight heparin (enoxaparin) can be used in critically ill pediatric patients to achieve target anti-factor Xa concentrations and determine appropriate dosing corrected for age and illness severity.DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study.SETTING: Single tertiary level PICU.PATIENTS: One hundred ninety-two children age 1 day through 18 years admitted to PICU undergoing every 12-hour enoxaparin therapy with at least one anti-factor Xa concentration obtained. Patients receiving renal replacement therapy or infants with corrected gestational age less than 37 weeks were excluded.INTERVENTIONS: None.MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: We collected nike Air Max 90 patient characteristics including age, weight, height/length, gender, corrected gestational age, illness severity markers, diagnosis, creatinine, enoxaparin dose and times of administration, anti-factor Xa concentrations, and collection times. Only 42% of critically ill children (80 of 192) and only 29% of children (9 of 31) on inotropes achieved recommended target range of anti-factor Xa concentrations on initial recommended enoxaparin dosing (1.5 mg/kg/dose < 2 mo; 1 mg/kg/dose > 2 mo), but 81% were ultimately within target range with dose titration. Increased enoxaparin dose was required to reach target concentrations in younger patients and those with worse illness severity as evidenced by concurrent use of inotropes, previous ICU admission, mechanical ventilation, cardiac surgery, and increased risk of mortality defined by severity-of-illness scores.CONCLUSIONS: Enoxaparin can be used to reach recommended target range of anti-factor Xa concentrations in the PICU patient. However, younger patients and patients with higher illness severity are less nike Air Max Switzerland likely to achieve target concentrations using currently recommended dosing and may require higher doses of enoxaparin to reach target anti-factor Xa concentrations. Starting enoxaparin dose at least 1.3 mg/kg dosed every 12 hours for treatment of thromboembolic disease nike Air Max Thea in critically ill patients aged 61 days to 1 year or those requiring inotropic support should be confirmed in prospective study.Comment inLow-molecular-weight heparin and anti-Xa targets in critically ill children: are we on target with our target?*. [Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2014]Low-molecular-weight heparin and anti-Xa targets in critically ill children: are we on target with our target?*.Parker RI. Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2014 Sep; 15(7):679-81. Nike Air Max Women